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Unprecedented Times. Unprecedented Hope.

It's been said what we do under stress truly reveals who and what we are. If that is true, in the past two weeks Middle Tennessee has proven it is resilient, kind, strong, compassionate, courageous, and hopeful. In a time when we are being told to stay far away from each other, in some ways, we are getting closer as a community.

These are unprecedented times and many of us are learning as we go. Be kind to yourselves. Be kind to each other. We are all doing the best we can. Despite a few fights over toilet paper, (but why tho? lol), Nashville you have really shown what you are made of. Thank you.

What a lot of people are learning right now is something that we at Gideon's Army have known for a long time, in times of crisis the community is the true and irreplaceable infrastructure. Before the tornado hit and before Covid 19, we were boots on the ground, in the schools, in juvenile court, in the homes of North Nashville supporting families, canvassing our community and more.

Managing and responding to crisis in North Nashville has always been a community based effort. Gideon's Army has led that effort and it will continue to do so, even when this global crisis has long passed.

Our goal is to post updates daily, but things change rapidly - day by day and hour by hour the news shifts, the resources expand, and the rumors spread. But one thing has remained constant, the community stands.

Here is our latest list of resources and updates:

1. Gideon's Army is still providing needs based food and supply deliveries for storm survivors. To reduce person to person contact during social distancing we will only be delivering to families who have completed a needs assessment form which can be found here. Once you submit your needs assessment form, you will be contacted by a case manager to coordinate your delivery. If you have any questions please call 615-241-0017.

2. Emergency Financial Assistance is available via several organizations including - The Red Cross , The Department of Human Services, and FEMA. The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance is May 4th. Apply as soon as you can. If you are denied, it may be because they need evidence of what your insurance covered or did not cover. You have the right to appeal.

3. Metro Nashville has created a website for Covid 19 - you will find tips on staying safe, information and updates, including the status of Nashville services like suspending disconnects and evictions. For more information visit A Safe Nashville.

4. Together with city partners, Metro Nashville has created the #COVID-19 Response Fund at United Way of Greater Nashville to provide individuals and families with economic aid needed to get through this crisis. For more information click here.

5. Metro Nashville Public Schools and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee for providing free student meals along with food boxes at several locations throughout Davidson County. For more information, locations and details:

6. We are researching the best options for our children and families during this challenging time. Even though schools are closed, students can still learn, explore, and grow. Click here for a list of FREE virtual learning resources:

7. For the most updated stats on Covid 19 in the state of Tennessee visit the TN Department of Health . There are remote assessment sites set up across the state. If you are feeling unwell or feel you have been exposed to Covid 19 you can visit a remote assessment site to be checked out. Click here for locations.

8. Please follow our community partners on IG: @McGruder_Northnashville, @UWNashvile, @cornertocorner, @northwestfamilyymca- and of course follow us @gideonsarmyunited.

Please take heed to all guidance and instructions outlined by city and state officials to stop the spread of this virus. The sooner we all stay inside and practice social distancing, the sooner we can start getting things back to some version of normal. For more info on exactly why social distancing is important and how to protect you and your family - follow the TN Department of Health on Facebook.

As we mentioned, things change rapidly in this environment. We will do our best to keep this blog updated with the most current news. As always, take care of yourselves, and each other. #WeAllWeGot

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