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You don't have to be on the front lines to be a part

of the mission. 

Are you ready to join the movement to rebuild and heal North Nashville?

Do you believe it's time to liberate 37208?

Have you wanted to get involved but just didn't know how?

Are you committed to our mission to save and change the lives of the children of North Nashville? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, welcome to Gideon's Army. Click below to make it official.

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Your monthly gift will allow us to keep serving the people of North Nashville 24/7. Give what you can afford. Every dollar will support the mission of Gideon's Army.


 Members will receive monthly updates

and stories from the community so you

will always know how your contribution is making a difference.




Get exclusive access to member's only

content, groups, trainings, and events.

Be the first to know about volunteer opportunities, special programs,  and projects. Also every member will receive a  Gideon's Army t-shirt to proudly show their committment to #Liberate208.



We may be small, but we are mighty in our works.

We want you to be a part of it


“Your membership will not only help us continue the work we have been doing, it will allow us to amplify our message, solidify our programming, and secure the future of Gideon's Army and North Nashville. Thank you for your support.”​ 

- Rasheedat Fetuga, Founder/CEO


Show your commitment

to the cause.

Every member will receive a Gideon's Army Community Soldier t-shirt!

Gideon’s Army develops credible messengers who will serve to end violence and promote restorative healing in North Nashville. Gideon’s Army is community-based, community-focused, and community-led.


Gideon's Army membership deploys the same philosophy by cultivating people who believe in the mission, see the needs that we serve, and want to contribute to city-wide solutions. Our collective impact aims to shift resources away from forces that have historically held back Nashville’s most vulnerable communities and reinvest in their growth.  


Gideon’s Army’s direct action and community intervention efforts are most effective when they are driven by members of the community being served. The holistic change we work toward for our city needs participation and support from the greater Nashville community.


When you become a member of Gideon's Army you  have an opportunity to engage in activist communities and contribute to building an equitable, just, and inclusive Nashville.

Bottom line is if you believe in Gideon's Army and the work we do - and more importantly, if you believe in the people of North Nashville, join us today. 

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Don't just applaud the mission, be a part of it. 

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